The Long Island Regional Advisory Council on Higher Education (LIRACHE) is a consortium of 15 colleges and universities that collectively represents nearly 34,000 employees, and more than 163,000 students and $5 billion in annual operating budgets (LIRACHE Expenditures Report, 2018-19). The president or CEO of each institution is a member of the LIRACHE Board of Trustees, allowing each college or university to speak with one voice, to serve the Long Island community, and to make intercollegiate connections that are so important to our region’s future.

LIRACHE college and university presidents partner with Long Island school superintendents to foster a seamless transition from primary and secondary education to college, focusing on skill sets for math, science, writing and comprehension. In addition, the Superintendents/College Presidents Partnership advocates for access for students with disabilities, promotes understanding of the financial aid process, supports excellence in teacher preparation, and holds academic integrity as an extremely high value.

LIRACHE institutions publish an Economic Impact Survey and College Inform booklet for guidance counselors, students, and parents on information regarding admissions, athletics, disabilities services, career services, and financial aid (contact heather.shivokevich@stonybrook.edu for an digital copy) or print a PDF file from Resources.

Addressing matters that affect teaching and learning on Long Island.

Mission Statement

  • To promote member cooperation on issues including economic development, community relations, media contacts, legislative initiatives, data collection, and campus operations.
  • To speak with one voice to business leaders, public officials and school superintendents.
  • To work with the K12 sector to promote a seamless transition from high school to college for all students.
  • To create community awareness of the extraordinary breadth, depth, and excellence of instruction, research, and community service taking place at member institutions.

LIRACHE is a consortium of 15 colleges and universities on Long Island.